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Risk Management Training Training
 Risk Management Training
Targeted Audience:
 The program is intended for everyone studying to qualify for the PRM Professional Risk Manager designation.
 A basic knowledge of finance, and reasonable numeracy.
CPE Credits:
 42 hours
Course Level:

PRMIA Exam Training

ACF’s modular training program for delegates studying for the PRM examinations uses our unique blended-learning methodology which integrates eLearning, instructor-led sessions, and hands-on practical application.

Program Objectives

The principal objectives of the seminar are to:
  Give delegates a clear understanding of the principles and practices of risk management
  Provide a thorough grounding in the mathematical foundations of risk measurement
  Ensure that delegates understand the workings of each of the major financial instruments and markets, and the underpinnings of modern finance theory
  Discuss risk management practices in market, credit, and operational risk
  Examine cases where risk management has failed
  Review current best practices
  Ensure that delegates are thoroughly prepared for the PRM exams

Course Outline
In order to qualify for the PRM designation, delegates have to pass all four of the PRM exams:
No. of questions
Time allowed
Finance Theory, Financial Instruments and Markets
2 hours
Mathematical Foundations of Risk Measurement
2 hours
Risk Management Practices
½ hours
Case Studies; Standards: Governance, Best Practices and Ethics
1 hour
The ACF Academy PRM Exam Training provides you with a highly effective blended-learning approach to prepare for this important risk management qualification.
Training Methids
Our blended-learning program comprises the following steps for each PRM exam:
Training methods - the steps
  • Development of individual learning plans – We use the online assessment to prepare an individual learning plan for each delegate, outlining which modules each person should study.
  • Intensive course of study using Acumen eLearning system – Delegates then follow their individual program of online learning using ACF’s Acumen eLearning system. Acumen facilitates efficient preparation for the instructor-led sessions, and offers convenient revision for the PRM exam itself.
  • Instructor-led sessions – These provide a forum for discussing more complex issues, trying hands-on practical exercises to test and consolidate knowledge, and for dealing with any difficulties encountered in the online learning.
Included in the course you will also receive the following:
  • Final revision session (30 mins) – This is intended to deal with any questions or issues which have arisen throughout the entire course of study.
  • Mock examination (60 to 120 mins) – All delegates will sit through a mock examination, to provide experience of actual PRM exam questions. The results from these will be analysed, and feedback provided.
  • Final review (60 mins) – This will follow the mock examination, and will enable any specific areas of difficultly to be addressed and corrected.
Learning Resources
On joining the ACF Academy PRM Exam Training Program, delegates will enjoy full access to:
  • The PRM Handbook – a reference source with contributions from 40 leading authors and the basis for the PRM Exam
  • The complete Acumen eLearning system library, comprising around 200 courses and over 600 modules.
  • A complete set of presentation materials on every topic covered by the instructor-led sessions, comprising over 1,000 professionally-produced slides explaining every topic
  • A series of case studies and workshop exercises – each with a fully worked model answer – to illustrate the calculations involved in pricing and risk measurement.
  • A set of Excel pricing and valuation spreadsheets for swaps, options, and other financial instruments. These spreadsheets will reveal the inner workings of the pricing models used by market practitioners, and show delegates exactly how these models work.
  • AcumenAssess – our online testing and appraisal system pre-loaded with a large number of questions on PRM topics.
  • The Acumen Learning Portal – with each delegate’s individualised learning path, and the complete set of learning resources, all in one easy-to-access place.
Program Content
The ACF Academy PRM Exam Training Program comprises four modules:  

Included in the training package for each module is:

  • An online assessment using AcumenAssess
  • An individualised learning path created just for you
  • Access to the Acumen eLearning System for intensive pre-course study
  • An intensive live training session
  • A pre-exam bootcamp comprising a final revision session, a mock examination, and a final review

... and all of these are included in the price!

To obtain a brochure with details of the full content of the ACF Academy PRM Exam Training Program, please contact us.




"Excellent course all around!"

– Jeremy R.