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Markets Training Training
 Markets Training
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15-18 May 2018  4 days£3675.00London
21-24 May 2018  4 days£3675.00London
4-7 Jun 2018  4 days£3675.00London
21-24 Aug 2018  4 days$3675.00London

 Summer Intern Financial Markets

The principal objectives of the four-day seminar are:

n  To provide an integrated, coordinated, and effective internship training program

n  To ensure interns have a thorough introduction to the city and financial markets

n  To give interns an understanding of the business of banking

n  To enable interns to make an effective contribution to the work of the desks where they are assigned

n  To lay a solid foundation of knowledge on which interns can build

n  To ensure that participants are familiar with fixed income, equity, and derivative products, and their application in practice

n  To ensure that all concepts are put into immediate practice, using simulation and intensive interactive case studies, to consolidate the learning process

n  To consolidate the learning experience by giving interns access to state-of-the-art pricing, valuation, analytical and trading software




After attending this program, interns will:

n  Gain a clear understanding of the functions of the financial markets

n  Understand how the fixed income, equity, and derivatives markets work

n  Have applied theory to practice through the use of realistic simulations

n  Be able to identify some of the risks involved in the financial marketplace

n  Have acquired skills as well as knowledge which can be used within their internship




"Detailed and thoroughly covered the features of derivatives, and the virtual trading simulation gave me good understanding."

– Shoko K.