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We have engineered our training to create content based on the skills bankers and other finance professionals actually use every day in their work. At the same time, we incorporate the latest financial research in our training. As a result, we teach cutting-edge techniques in financial markets, derivatives, and banking as well as up-to-date material in financial products and the capital markets.

Learners apply their new skills as we move through the material, so they get plenty of real-time feedback on how they are doing. We also pace the training day for maximum learning effectiveness.

Our training content is driven by the needs of our clients. If you do not see the topic you are looking for, we may have it in development – please contact us to find out.


Markets Training

ACF specialise in providing first-rate training for the financial markets. The seminars in this category cover the major markets in fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, and commodities. Our Derivatives Training seminars go further, and deal with derivative products in each of these markets.

ACF delivers financial markets training globally, delivering seminars in all the major financial centers in Europe, US, and Asia–Pacific (including Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo). Public program calendars have been developed specifically for each region. In addition to instructor-led training, we also provide a powerful eLearning system and assessment tools.   

All our courses are available in-house on request, to be delivered in your chosen location and at a time which is convenient for you and your clients.  We also offer you the opportunity to co-host an event with us by sponsoring a public program in your country. If there are a group of people from the one institution interested in the same subject, then this can provide a highly cost-effective solution to your training needs.

Derivatives Training
These derivatives training courses move quickly and intensively from the basics through to the operational aspects of derivatives usage. Hence, they should be equally useful for the bright and committed newcomer to the world of derivatives as well as for the more experienced financial market professional who already has a working knowledge of derivative products.

Each seminar starts by reviewing product fundamentals before going on to pricing, quotation conventions, trading, and their use for hedging market risk. We aim to demystify derivatives, showing bankers and their customers the benefits that derivatives can bring.

All courses provide delegates with intensive hand-on experience using powerful and intuitive software, so delegates benefit from a comprehensive, practical exposure to each topic covered. By the end of each seminar, delegates will gain a deep understanding of derivatives and how they can be used in practice.

Risk Management Training

Never before has Risk Management been so important for banks, investment institutions, and corporations. The ACF Academy courses in this area focus on market, credit, counterparty, liquidity, and operational risk. We look at the sources of risk, how it can be measured, and what strategies need to be implemented to control these risks.

Value-at-Risk (VaR) methods are important tools, but the financial crisis of 2008 has clearly demonstrated the weakness of relying solely on VaR, flagging the need to take a more comprehensive approach.

Our risk management programs examine a wider range of methods designed to identify and measure risk more comprehensively, taking into account the possibility of risks combining to create "the perfect storm".

Energy and Commodities Training

Energy and Commodities are the mainstays of the 21st century economy and, at the same time, offer many exciting new opportunities for trading. Trading commodities enables you to participate in broad market moves or within specialized sectors. Energy moves the world – we have all seen the incredible fluctuations in the price of oil. Gold is constantly in the news, ever vigilant for inflation or geo-political trouble. Food, Grains, Precious and Industrial Metals – these are all part of this dynamic world. These products are widely used by financial professionals, as well as by individual investors, for portfolio protection as well as investment reward.

The ACF Academy seminars cover the principal sources of energy – oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, as well as renewable sources – and the main commodities traded, including metals and agriculturals. During these courses we examine the energy and commodities markets, supply and demand, the role of derivatives in managing price risk in an increasingly volatile market, and how users can manage their exposure to commodities and energy prices, or invest in their view of the future.

Operations and IT Training

The ACF Academy IT courses teach essential skills in Excel, financial modeling, and in emerging technologies like blockchain. They are taught by instructors experienced in the application of these IT techniques in banking, and are packed with practical examples of their use in finance.

Operations are part of the essential infrastructure for banks and other financial institutions. Our seminars for operations personnel focus on topics vital for middle- and back-office staff to understand – like the Life Cycle of a Trade, or The Securities Trade Lifecycle – and are taught by instructors who have first-hand experience of the processes and procedures involved.


Graduate Training

The most cost-effective way to provide first class, cutting edge, graduate training.

ACF Academy is offering a comprehensive Graduate Induction Program aimed at those firms who want the best graduate training available, but whose graduate intake numbers may not justify an in-house program. Our graduate program is also ideal for firms wishing to cut administrative costs.

Performance driven, motivating, and highly engaging, the ACF Academy Graduate Program is taught by experienced professionals having exceptional communications skills and sound market knowledge. Content is relevant, up-to-date, and addresses current market conditions.

Our learning methodology is highly practical with an emphasis on application and the acquisition of skills as well as knowledge. ACF’s unrivalled simulations give delegates the unique opportunity to put knowledge in practice immediately and to consolidate their learning and understanding.

The ACF Academy will:

  • Manage all logistics from enrolment to completion.
  • Provide access to supporting on-line learning with Acumen eLearning for Financial Professionals
  • Provide regular progress reports
  • Manage assessments and reviews
  • Conduct a mid-term and final examination
  • Provide a individualised and detailed report on the performance of each delegate

When graduates have completed the ACF Academy Graduate Program they will be ready to make an immediate contribution to the firm. We are committed to delivering excellence and a real return on investment in your people.

Asset & Liability Management Training

The credit crisis, liquidity problems, securitisation, bad debts, the interbank market, bank capital, credit derivatives – all of these became headline news as banks worldwide experienced their worst crisis in 80 years.

As a result of the crisis, regulators have created a new system for measuring the strength of banks’ capital and liquidity – Basel III. This will require banks to strengthen their reserves of capital and liquidity – at a cost.

ACF’s Global Banker simulation already features the new BIS liquidity and capital measures, allowing delegates to experience at first-hand how they work in a completely realistic environment. The results are surprising – Basel III will potentially cut bank profitability by almost 40%.

Never before has it been so important for bankers – at all levels and in all roles – to understand the complexities of banking in the 21st century, to be aware of how their role fits in, to comprehend the big picture, and to identify problems before they become serious.

The Strategic Bank Management seminar does just that. Using ACF’s sophisticated Global Banker simulation within a realistic and detailed scenario, the seminar shows delegates how to develop effective solutions to today’s problems and strategies to ensure that their bank maintains profitability.




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