ACF Academy
Derivatives Training
These derivatives training courses move quickly and intensively from the basics through to the operational aspects of derivatives usage. Hence, they should be equally useful for the bright and committed newcomer to the world of derivatives as well as for the more experienced financial market professional who already has a working knowledge of derivative products.

Each seminar starts by reviewing product fundamentals before going on to pricing, quotation conventions, trading, and their use for hedging market risk. We aim to demystify derivatives, showing bankers and their customers the benefits that derivatives can bring.

All courses provide delegates with intensive hand-on experience using powerful and intuitive software, so delegates benefit from a comprehensive, practical exposure to each topic covered. By the end of each seminar, delegates will gain a deep understanding of derivatives and how they can be used in practice.



"Once again, an excellent ACF course - I am always so impressed with these guys.  The instructor was amazing... energetic, patient, thorough, knowledgeable and entertaining."

– Heather F.