ACF Academy
Energy and Commodities Training

Energy and Commodities are the mainstays of the 21st century economy and, at the same time, offer many exciting new opportunities for trading. Trading commodities enables you to participate in broad market moves or within specialized sectors. Energy moves the world – we have all seen the incredible fluctuations in the price of oil. Gold is constantly in the news, ever vigilant for inflation or geo-political trouble. Food, Grains, Precious and Industrial Metals – these are all part of this dynamic world. These products are widely used by financial professionals, as well as by individual investors, for portfolio protection as well as investment reward.

The ACF Academy seminars cover the principal sources of energy – oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, as well as renewable sources – and the main commodities traded, including metals and agriculturals. During these courses we examine the energy and commodities markets, supply and demand, the role of derivatives in managing price risk in an increasingly volatile market, and how users can manage their exposure to commodities and energy prices, or invest in their view of the future.



"I finally have a clear view of global banking. It's the most incredible training I've ever done."

– Oliver T.