ACF Academy
Asset & Liability Management Training

The credit crisis, liquidity problems, securitisation, bad debts, the interbank market, bank capital, credit derivatives – all of these became headline news as banks worldwide experienced their worst crisis in 80 years.

As a result of the crisis, regulators have created a new system for measuring the strength of banks’ capital and liquidity – Basel III. This will require banks to strengthen their reserves of capital and liquidity – at a cost.

ACF’s Global Banker simulation already features the new BIS liquidity and capital measures, allowing delegates to experience at first-hand how they work in a completely realistic environment. The results are surprising – Basel III will potentially cut bank profitability by almost 40%.

Never before has it been so important for bankers – at all levels and in all roles – to understand the complexities of banking in the 21st century, to be aware of how their role fits in, to comprehend the big picture, and to identify problems before they become serious.

The Strategic Bank Management seminar does just that. Using ACF’s sophisticated Global Banker simulation within a realistic and detailed scenario, the seminar shows delegates how to develop effective solutions to today’s problems and strategies to ensure that their bank maintains profitability.




"The material was not delivered in a vacuum. The instructor always had an example / actual article to illustrate his point, so the class turned out to be a lot more interesting about real-life markets."

– Heajun H.