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22 Dec 2010


ACF have further enhanced their unique Global Banker simulation to include the latest Basel III framework.

Delegates attending Strategic Bank Management and ALM seminars using Global Banker can experience at first hand the complete set of new capital and liquidity ratios, implemented exactly as set out in the BIS paper, and explore exactly how Basel III works in a completely realistic environment.

“We believe that it is essential for bankers and regulators to understand exactly how the new system will impact the safety and profitability of banks”, says Lawrence Galitz, Director of ACF. “Global Banker is the only simulation that can do this.”

"Seeing the impact of Basel III is important not only for those running banks. Bankers at all levels need to appreciate what Basel III means for the decisions they take every day."



"I finally have a clear view of global banking. It's the most incredible training I've ever done."

– Oliver T.