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16 Jan 2009


For the first time ever, ACF Consultants, the world’s leading provider of quality investment training for banks, corporates, is allowing individuals to enroll in training programs that were previously the sole domain of global financial giants. 
New York, NY (PRWEB) January 2009 – ACF Consultants, the world’s premier provider of quality investment training for banks, corporates, and financial institutions, has launched the ACF Academy, a new addition to the company’s comprehensive menu of learning resources.  For the first time ever, individual analysts, advisors, and investors can participate in training programs that were previously the sole domain of global financial giants. The seminars will be held throughout the year in London and in New York.
“The ACF Academy’s open enrollment seminars provide an all-access pass to anyone who wants high-level information on topics that are critical to investment success in today’s economy,” reports Tom Gardner, ACF’s Business Development Manager.  "The Academy’s curriculum targets foundational topics for investors including the fundamentals of risk management and derivatives, as well as the essential aspects of asset-liability management and their application in strategic bank management."
Learn More, Do More, Retain More
“On these programs, students learn from the best tutors in the business, and then put theory into practice using one of our sophisticated simulations,” explains Gardner.  The key, he says, is “blended learning.”
ACF’s signature ‘blending learning’ approach is a mix of highly interactive eLearning using Acumen, dynamic tutor-led training, and intensive hands-on experience using one of ACF’s proprietary simulations, like Global Trader.  “Our blended-learning methodology integrates theory with practice using our own very powerful training tools,” explains Dr Lawrence Galitz, the Director and Co-Founder of ACF Consultants, Ltd.  “This creates a uniquely exciting and effective learning environment, and really transforms the way people learn.”
High Intensity Seminars
The ACF Academy’s initial offering is a series of eight seminars that will be presented in London and New York throughout 2009.  The seminars include a four-day ‘bootcamp’ on equity derivatives which explains how to exploit the possibilities that recent developments in these products have created for investors and issuers alike. In addition, there is as a comprehensive seminar on risk management that explores where risk arises, how to measure it, and – most critically – how to handle risk effectively and efficiently. Another seminar offers a four-day program devoted to the essential aspects of asset-liability management and their application in Strategic Bank Management.  “We believe that this is the most effective and dynamic seminar for developing real expertise in managing credit, liquidity, and capital, using the latest ALM techniques available,” says Gardner.
Focus on Reality
In all the financial training modules offered by the ACF Academy, “passive learning is kept to a minimum,” says Galitz.  The emphasis is on translating theory into practice at every stage.  “Our integrated tri-part approach maintains focus and encourages learning through discovery which is the most effective way to retain information,” he reports. 
“By blending all three elements, we can provide the most powerful training experience available for developing the skills and abilities of any individual.”
For additional information on the ACF Academy and its open enrollment financial training seminars, please visit  To learn more about ACF Consultants, Ltd. and its blended-learning model for financial training, visit
About ACF Consultants and Acumen
ACF Consultants is the leading provider of quality financial training to the banking and corporate sector.  Headquartered in London, with offices in New York and a design and development function in Mumbai, the company was founded by Dr Lawrence Galitz and Valerie Marchant-Mapp.  ACF is dedicated to providing top-quality training through enterprise solutions for banks, corporate entities, and financial institutions.  To learn more about ACF and its unique approach to blended learning, visit
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