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ACF Consultants launches Global Trader Ultra

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02 Feb 2009


ACF Consultants have launched our third generation version of the award winning Global Trader markets simulator. Global Trader Ultra has a completely new interface, new features, and industrial strength analytical tools.

Covering all of the traded financial markets, Global Trader Ultra provides a unique opportunity to put theory into practice in the most realistic simulated environment possible, Building on years of experience in applying innovative technology to financial learning, combined with input from top financial institutions and practitioners, Global Trader Ultra is an invaluable tool for ensuring real skills and enhanced performance are acquired as part of the learning process.

Capable of reproducing any market conditions Global Trader Ultra is particularly valuable in the current economic situation. Regulators as well as market practitioners can gain a unique insight into risk and how to control it.

Contact us to discuss how your firm can benefit from Global Trader Ultra.



"This simulator gave the basic understanding of how trading is done. Even though it was not real money being used, one still had an adrenalin rush for the effects on our positions."

– Edward A.