Financial Markets Boot Camp

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Financial Markets Bootcamp

The Financial Markets Boot Camp is an intensive ten-day course designed to provide a solid preparation for any graduates starting their career in the global financial markets.

ACF provide the most effective in-house graduate training to the world’s largest banks. Now, for the first time, other firms and individual participants can take advantage of our unique blended-learning approach which integrates pre-course study using Acumen, dynamic instruction from our team of first-rate trainers, and simulation using Global Trader – acclaimed as the world’s most powerful trading simulation.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this intensive experiential program, you will:

  • Have a solid understanding of the role and functioning of the capital markets.
  • Be familiar with a wide range of fixed-income and equity products, their uses and applications.
  • Clearly appreciate the features and benefits of derivatives, and the fundamentals of pricing, structuring and hedging.
  • Understand how all these products are used in practice by banks and their customers.
  • Have the opportunity to apply theory to practice using simulation and intensive interactive case studies.

… and will be able to effectively apply their knowledge immediately.

Who Should Attend

New hires into the capital markets area.



Pre-Program eLearning

Participants will have access to the Acumen eLearning system in order to study the following foundation topics:

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Introduction to Financial Markets and Products
  • Time Value of Money
  • Basic Statistics

Seminar Content

Day One
  • Review of Time Value of Money
  • Money Market Products and Markets
  • Bond Maths
  • Duration and Convexity
Day Two
  • Fixed Income Products and Markets
  • Foreign Exchange Spot Market
Day Three
  • Foreign Exchange Forwards
  • Equities Markets
Day Four
  • The Short-Term Yield Curve and Forward Rates
  • Futures Markets
  • Bond Futures
  • Stock-Index Futures
Day Five
  • Short-Term Interest Rate (STIR) Futures
  • Interest Rate and Currency Swaps
  • End-Week Examination and Review
Day Six
  • Yield Curve Mathematics
  • Swap Pricing and Valuation
  • Principles and Characteristics of Options
Day Seven
  • Option Pricing – An Intuitive Approach
  • Option “Greeks”
  • Hedging using Options
Day Eight
  • Building Option Portfolios
  • Option Trading Strategies
  • Caps, Floors, and Collars
  • Swaptions and Other Interest Rate Derivatives
Day Nine
  • Hedging with Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Overview of Credit Derivatives
  • Single-Name Credit Default Swaps
  • Using Credit Default Swaps
Day Ten
  • Index Products
  • Risk Management and Value at Risk
  • Regulation in the Financial Markets
  • Final Examination and Review

Dates and Locations

21 Nov 2022 - 2 Dec 2022


Graduate Programs

Other Dates and Locations
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   Note that the course fee of £9,060.00 already includes 20% VAT.


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