Financial Markets Boot Camp

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Financial Markets Bootcamp

The Financial Markets Boot Camp is an intensive and highly practical ten-day course designed to provide a solid preparation for anyone:

  • Planning or starting a career in the global financial markets
  • Transitioning from other divisions to global markets
  • Working in technology who needs a sound knowledge of markets and products

ACF have extensive experience globally of providing highly effective in-house graduate training to the world’s largest banks. Now smaller firms and individuals can also take advantage of our unique blended and experiential learning approach through our Academy. Larger firms with off-cycle hires can also benefit from this program.

Our unique methodology integrates pre-course study using Acumen eLearning, dynamic instruction from our team of industry-expert instructors, and immediate application with challenging simulations using our award-winning Global Trader simulator, as well as real-life case studies and workshops. Gamification is woven throughout to create a highly engaging learning experience.

Participants emerge with practical skills as well as knowledge and retain what they learn.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this intensive experiential program, participants will:

  • Have a solid understanding of the role and functioning of the global financial markets.
  • Be familiar with a wide range of fixed-income and equity products, their uses and applications.
  • Clearly appreciate the features and benefits of derivatives, and the fundamentals of pricing, structuring and hedging.
  • Understand how all these products are used in practice by banks and their customers.
  • Have the opportunity to apply theory to practice using simulation and intensive interactive case studies.

… and will be able to effectively apply their knowledge immediately.


Participants will receive certification of completion and the course carries 70 CPE credits.



Pre-Program eLearning

Participants will have access to the Acumen eLearning system in order to study the following foundation topics:

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Introduction to Financial Markets and Products
  • Time Value of Money
  • Basic Statistics

Seminar Content

Day One
  • Review of Time Value of Money
  • Money Market Products and Markets
  • Bond Math
  • Duration and Convexity
Day Two
  • Fixed Income Products and Markets
  • Foreign Exchange Spot Market
Day Three
  • Foreign Exchange Forwards
  • Equities Markets
Day Four
  • The Short-Term Yield Curve and Forward Rates
  • Futures Markets
  • Bond Futures
  • Stock-Index Futures
Day Five
  • Short-Term Interest Rate (STIR) Futures
  • Interest Rate and Currency Swaps
  • End-Week Examination and Review
Day Six
  • Yield Curve Math
  • Swap Pricing and Valuation
  • Principles and Characteristics of Options
Day Seven
  • Option Pricing – An Intuitive Approach
  • Option “Greeks”
  • Hedging using Options
Day Eight
  • Building Option Portfolios
  • Option Trading Strategies
  • Caps, Floors, and Collars
  • Swaptions and Other Interest Rate Derivatives
Day Nine
  • Hedging with Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Overview of Credit Derivatives
  • Single-Name Credit Default Swaps
  • Using Credit Default Swaps
Day Ten
  • Index Products
  • Risk Management and Value at Risk
  • Regulation in the Financial Markets
  • Final Examination and Review

When and Where
   1 Jul 2024 - 12 Jul 2024
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