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Practical Training for Financial Professionals

Exceptional Instructors

Our experienced instructors are industry experts, skilled in providing motivating, active learning. They know their subject inside-out, and they know how to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.

Experiential Learning

ACF provides practical, experiential financial training that gets fast results. Our dynamic, active learning techniques involve participants, create energy, drive motivation and ensure retention. Application is the key to acquiring skills as well as knowledge.

Acumen eLearning

Acumen eLearning for finance is a powerful interactive learning tool. Using the latest online and mobile techniques, including simulation and interactive video, Acumen enriches and reinforces the learning process with practical application.


ACF Consultants are world leaders in the creation of financial simulations. Used on all Academy courses, our simulations are the gold standard, featuring industrial-strength analytics and pricing tools that take them well beyond the league of games.



Querifi™ is ACF’s amazing new app that presents quick-fire, timed challenges to participants on the topics just covered. This reinforces knowledge, helping Academy participants to better retain concepts and knowledge.

Acumen Assessment

Participants can optionally take an end-of-seminar test using Acumen Assessment, a powerful tool that provides instant and reliable results and, where applicable, certification.


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What participants say

By far and away the best professional course I’ve been too. The course was great – really interesting and challenging, and the instructor was really knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Maria H. Deloitte

Excellent instructors with actual industry experience was important, thank you.

Justin T. Morgan Stanley

Once again, an excellent ACF course – I am always so impressed with these guys. The instructor was amazing… energetic, patient, thorough, knowledgeable and entertaining.

Heather F. Goldman Sachs

Extremely enjoyable and well taught.

Ronak P. Barclays

This seminar is probably the best professional training in my career.

Boris S. ING

As a bank regulator, I found the seminar provided me with an in-depth knowledge of various hard decisions bank managers make on a daily basis.

Gary H. OCC

I was highly impressed with the leadership of the course. The instructor demonstrated his expert knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer all questions put to him. He presented it in a way that made it accessible to all, independent of their background or level of expertise. I will recommend this course strongly to other colleagues.

Philip W. Goldman Sachs

Excellent instructor. Explained things really well. Very responsive to questions. Made things very interesting. Especially liked the anecdotes!

Laurence I. State Government of Victoria

I finally have a clear view of global banking. It’s the most incredible training I’ve ever done.

Oliver T. ING

Very interesting material – excellent instructor.

Jason S. Cerberus Capital

I thought the seminar was excellent and very well run. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Daniel W. OCC

Personal anecdotes from the instructor kept the session entertaining. He managed to turn material which could be presented quite dully into an informative and enjoyable day. His passion for the subject matter clearly came through.

David A. QIC

Very interesting, practical and original way to understand concepts by using simulations.

Rafael I. BAML

The instructor is enthusiastic, charismatic and is exceptionally good at presenting ideas in a very clear and concise way.

Gemma S. Goldman Sachs

The teaching method was superb, particularly in the art of transferring immediate usable knowledge.

Frances N. Citigroup

Overall, the instructor’s teaching was fantastic. Having a lot of experience within the industry meant that he was able to share valuable stories and give us a lot of advice as well as teaching us the main content of the seminar.

Kanika P. BNP Paribas

The overview was excellent – right balance for his audience – to address everyone’s need.

Dorothy M. Soros Fund Management

Educational and entertaining, a rare combination in financial courses. Well-done!

Judy C. US Treasury

Excellent – very impressed with the program, well placed and good mix of practical and classroom work.

Christine M. Goldman Sachs

This simulator gave the basic understanding of how trading is done. Even though it was not real money being used, one still had an adrenalin rush for the effects on our positions.

Edward A. Barclays

The instructor was excellent. He was able to give us his professional insight into the financial world, allowing us to learn through real past and present events.


Excellent overall program… Practical applications were very helpful (modules on trading options).

Rafael P. Threadneedle Asset Management

The instructor did a great job. He made the material fresh and interesting and had a great balance between theoretical and practical. He was also very entertaining.

Brian V. Eaton Vance

The instructor is excellent. A subject matter expert across the board – incredibly engaging, smart, explains clearly and in an appropriate amount of detail. I would recommend this course.

Kelly B. Goldman Sachs

The briefings were highly informative, and the instructor was excellent. His knowledge of the subject matter is obvious, but he presents it in a palatable manner and is willing to adjust timing to focus on areas of more interest.

Donald B. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Perfectly meeting the objectives and expectations.

Bram D. ING

Accreditation and Professional Qualifications

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Professional Risk Managers' International Association
Global Association of Risk Professionals
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