Foundations of Foreign Exchange

  Foundation CPD: 7 hours   1 day   Live


Foundations of Foreign Exchange

The Foundations of Foreign Exchange course explains the workings of the global FX market, and how spot, forward, and FX swap transactions can be used to effectively handle currency exposure.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this course, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the principles of foreign exchange and the practice of currency trading
  • Examine the spot and forward currency markets in-depth, and their application in handling corporate currency risk
  • Develop profitable yet prudent trading strategies, and the ability to respond correctly and quickly, even under difficult market conditions
  • Obtain first-hand experience with the award-winning Global Trader simulator

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in the foreign exchange markets, including corporate treasurers and those advising companies on managing their currency exposure.



Seminar Content

The Foreign Exchange Spot Market
  • Functions and purposes of the FX market
  • Participants in the market-place
  • Market mechanics
  • Quotation conventions
  • Direct and indirect prices
  • Cross rates
  • Cross-rates exercise
  • Trading strategies
  • Value of a pip
  • Calculating P&L – mark-to-market and trading profits
  • Influences on the market
  • Interpreting news and economic statistics
  • Technical analysis
  • computer FX spot simulation
The Forward FX Market
  • Outright forward and swap deals
  • Relation between spot & forward markets
  • Impact of interest rates
  • Quoting forward rates
  • Quoting swap points
  • Forward discounts and premiums
  • Credit and market risk from FX swap transactions
  • Forward-forward deals
  • Corporate applications for forward and swap transactions
  • Handling Transaction Risk from Overseas Revenues
  • Option-dated forward transaction
  • Odd- and broken-dates
  • computer FX swap simulation

When and Where
   12 Jun 2024
   New York

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