Financial Modeling Masterclass

  Intermediate CPD: 14 hours   2 days   Live


Financial Modeling Masterclass

The Financial Modeling Masterclass course is a highly practical two-day course that will enable you to master the creation, adaptation, and use of corporate financial models.

What really sets our program apart is the way in which we take you, step-by-step, through how a financial model works, and how the different financial statements fit together. We explain how the whole modeling process works, demystify the complexities, and really bring the topics to life.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this course, you will:

  • Understand how to construct sound and reliable financial models
  • Learn good modeling style
  • Develop your skills in implementing and interpreting financial models
  • Explore different modeling techniques
  • Appreciate the limitations of financial models
  • Obtain practical experience of building different types of financial models

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the creation and use of company financial models.


A good working knowledge of Excel.

Seminar Content

  • Objectives of financial modeling
  • Scope of financial models
Developing a Financial Model
  • Conceptualizing the model
  • Identifying key model variables
  • Programming the model
  • Organizing the workbook: Data, Assumptions, Results
  • Allowing for flexible scenarios
  • Producing reports
Case Study: Modeling a Company
  • Analyzing the company data
  • Designing the model
  • Building and verifying the company model
  • Creating the initial position
  • Modeling the operating environment
  • Applying accounting rules and business logic
  • Creating P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet statements
  • Verifying the model
  • Running the model
  • Generating and interpreting the results
Auditing and Problem Solving
  • Checking the integrity of a financial spreadsheet
  • Getting a financial spreadsheet to “balance”
  • Moving from the past, through the present, and into the future: from facts to forecasts
  • Dealing with part-year accounts and differing year-ends
  • Auditing a spreadsheet
  • Resolving circular references
  • Documenting spreadsheets
Risk Analysis
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Scenario analysis
  • Using Excel Scenarios for different assumptions
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Using Excel Data Tables to perform structured sensitivity analyses
  • Monte Carlo simulation
Company Valuation
  • Modeling the cash flows
  • Estimating terminal value
  • Exit multiples, growth models, and WACC
  • Applying valuation techniques to company model
Modeling a Merger
  • Target and bidder financials (historical and projections)
  • Modeling implications of primary financing structures
  • Incorporating synergies and sensitivities
  • Analysis of key output ratios
  • Modeling a Buy-out
  • Modeling the financing structure
  • IRR, equity ratchets and covenants
  • Incorporating sensitivities

Dates and Locations

Date(s): 4 Nov 2021 - 5 Nov 2021

New York

Data Science

Other Dates and Locations
Check our course schedule for alternative dates and locations where this course is offered.



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